Is it wrong to refer to your own handiwork as "the new hotness"? Probably, but we're hoping you'll humor us for a bit. So what is with the new Google Maps for mobile? Well, to paraphrase Agent J:

Old and busted: Being stuck in traffic
The new hotness: Checking traffic conditions from your phone*

Old and busted: Showing up late
The new hotness: Driving directions with real-time traffic estimates

Old and busted: Typing in the same addresses over and over
The new hotness: 1-touch recall of favorite locations and routes

This release won't avert an intergalactic disaster any time soon, but we'd like to think the Men in Black would give it a try. You can too: just point your mobile phone's web browser to

*Update: Currently available across the U.S. with comprehensive data coverage for more than 30 metro areas; partial coverage elsewhere in U.S.