Every month the Google Zeitgeist paints an aggregate portrait of how users all over the world are searching Google, a statistical snapshot that invariably produces its share of surprises. This month's Zeitgeist finds web surfers in a somber mood. You put grim topics like Nick Berg, Iraq, Lynndie England and (shudder) graduation atop the list of fastest-growing search terms, while banishing "Friends," prom hairstyles, Amber Brkich and other trivial pursuits to the ranks of the most swiftly forgotten. It's not surprising that more of you searched on cicadas last month than sought out such wholesomer nature queries as beach, sun, roses and trees. But frankly, we don't know what to make of the fact that the most popular animal on Google in April was not dogs, cats, fish or horses, but bears.

One reassuring note, though - we're all still obsessed with "American Idol." At least this week.