If you've been following Google closely, you'll know that we don't do a lot of marketing type activities. We prefer to let our products speak for themselves. That's worked pretty well so far, but as we've introduced an increasing array of services, from Orkut to Gmail, there have a been a lot of Google voices competing for your attention. So, to get a feel for exactly what people are hearing from us, we recently took part in our first live event, DigitalLife, in New York's Javits Convention Center. Our ears are still ringing.


Many of those who stopped by our Lego™-flavored booth were pretty confident they knew all there was to know about Google. And they often did know a lot. But when we showed them how to find digital cameras in a given price range using Froogle, or how to sort all their photos instantly with Picasa, or how to use Google to convert the speed of light into furlongs per month, they walked away shaking their heads as if they might asplode. "I didn't know you could do that," was the mantra du jour.

If you'd like to up your own Google experience points, check out our helpful help pages and our advanced search tips or download our easily concealed cheat sheet. It's not that all you know about Google is wrong; it's just that, most likely, all you know isn't all there is to know.

Doug Edwards
Google Blog Team