Google's broad corporate goals are well documented, and as Googlers, we work hard to uphold these values. But sometimes one also needs individual and short-term objectives to motivate and inspire. My personal challenge? Drink one of each beverage offered on the Google campus. Every Google building has several mini-kitchens stocked with a variety of familiar, and unfamiliar, libations. Why do you climb a mountain? Because it's there.

In no particular order, I will imbibe every cola, juice, energy drink, caffeinated liquid and enhanced water. Scoff if you must, but cast no stone until you've taken on the entire line of Snapple beverages and lived to recount the experience. Because Google's great operations team is forever adding new choices to our refrigerators, my project is somewhat of a moving target, but here's what I've concluded thus far:
  • The magical properties of VitaminWater are impressive, but their benefit-focused names ("Endurance," "Balance") remind me a bit too much of the Successories motivational posters.
  • 50% of Extreme Energy drinks are flammable.
  • Boylan's Bottleworks makes the best Ginger Ale. 'Nuff said.
What weird beverage am I missing? Send a link and our network of refreshment procurement experts will get on it.