Wei-Hwa Huang, Software Engineer

Google Logo in Pixelblocks As a little bonus for my fellow employees who were around during the winter, I held a little on-campus contest. I took 130 photographs of things around the buildings and challenged people to identify them and go to the location, where they'd then have to find a little hidden sticker with a letter on it. They'd email the letter to me to confirm that they found the location. I thought our blog readers might find it interesting to identify what's in these photographs, which were some of the more challenging pictures.

Cvaonyy znpuvar (Onyyl "Fcrpgehz"). Neebj sebz n "Bar
Jnl" fgerrg fvta
Jngre obggyrf (FznegJngre
Cbby gnoyr cbpxrg, nf ivrjrq sebz orybj.Fgevatf vafvqr n onol tenaq
Hfrq pbagnvaref
sbe Vyyl Rfcerffb
Fgneg ohggba sbe ivqrb tnzr znpuvar.Lryybj (nzore) fgerrg
"Ivfvgbe Ybool" fvta nf ivrjrq sebz vafvqr.

The answers are in an old computer-geek code called ROT-13. Or you can click on the links to see some of our search results for the item. Have fun!