For all the talk about Internet TV, it's actually not so easy to watch a major network program on your own computer - especially one that's on the (bigger) small screen right now. But here's one you can watch: the new fall season premiere of Everybody Hates Chris, a lightly fictional take on Chris Rock's anxiety-ridden junior high school days. It first ran last Thursday on UPN, and for the next four days you can watch the entire first episode through Google Video.

When you're watching young Chris' travails, you'll see them on the new release of Google Video. There's no viewer to download, and the bigger video window (which expands automatically to your browser size) is now compatible with Mac and Linux as well as Windows. You can skip around in the video and start watching it instantly, even beyond what's been buffered. And you can watch a 10-second snippet of playable videos right on the results page - making it easier to decide whether you want to commit to the whole thing.

The era of the couch potato is so over. We're rooting for the desk (and laptop) potato.