The University of Michigan is excited that the University of California is joining with us, the New York Public Library, Stanford, Harvard and Oxford universities in our partnership with Google.

The UC libraries are a great public system of academic libraries. They bring a wealth of new resources and titles to this partnership. We are thrilled at the idea that another public academic library recognizes the importance of making its great collection discoverable by all who search on the web. The UC libraries have chosen, like us, to incorporate all works within their library, not just titles in the public domain. In making their vast collections more discoverable, these great libraries are making a significant contribution to the dissemination of knowledge worldwide.

We began working with Google on the library project in 2004. They have been a terrific partner in this endeavor. We know that the University of California will also enjoy a productive relationship with the Google library team. We welcome the UC libraries to the partnership, and look forward to working alongside them on this important initiative.