I don't need a magazine to tell me I work for the best company around. They didn't stop by the Santa Monica office where I work, or they would have had a much easier time figuring it out. I could have told them all about working here over a gourmet lunch, in December, on our rooftop deck overlooking the Pacific Ocean - we're just 6 blocks away!

The Santa Monica office is a small but growing enclave with +200 Googlers. We're a close-knit bunch, enjoying company-sponsored happy hours every week at different Santa Monica hotspots plus several other non-work functions. What's great about working in Santa Monica is the opportunity to really make a big splash in the "sea of Google" with lots of visibility at all levels of the company. We work on projects ranging from customer-facing ad systems to Picasa to Google Video to the Google Search Appliance, and more.

OK, all for now. Back to the salt mines. Want to join me?