Yesterday was National Gorilla Suit Day (NGSD). No, I'm not making this up--MAD Magazine cartoonist Don Martin did, back in 1964. Naturally, there's a full story behind this holiday, and it's been chronicled by my friend, writer Mark Evanier. If you've visited the right websites over the last week or so, you'll have seen various banners promoting National Gorilla Suit Day, which were provided by Mark.

One particular result of Mark's promotion of this wonderful holiday is that a New York City-based singing telegram service, The Furrier Courier, offered free singing telegrams, delivered by someone in a gorilla suit on NGSD, to the first five responders.

So, I asked myself: Wouldn't it be Googley to have a gorilla-suited singing telegram delivered to some New York City Googlers?

Why, yes...yes, it would. Especially if they didn't know about it in advance.

So Wednesday morning our gorilla-suited singer serenaded a weekly meeting of Googlers, including ones videoconferencing in from Mountain View, Kirkland, and Dublin.

Mark also celebrated the day appropriately--by having Furrier Courier serenade the MAD Magazine offices.

Now if only I can manage to talk the powers that be into a National Gorilla Suit Day Google doodle--oh well, next year.