Since we launched our resource for educators in October, many of you have been in touch with us. "Hey, Google," you've said, "Thanks for the site. Now how 'bout letting us talk to you--and more importantly, to each other?"

You wanted a place where you could send feedback, lesson ideas, and classroom activities, or just meet some of your fellow teachers. Ok, ok! We're good students. We know how to learn from the experts. Thanks to your input, we've created the Google for Educators discussion group. We invite you to visit the group today, to let us know your thoughts and to reach out to other folks in the world of classrooms and libraries. Help us understand how to make Google for Educators a more valuable tool for you—and share the kind of information that can help give students the best education possible.

Oh, and, while you're at it, why not give our site another visit? We've added tools, activities, classroom posters, and a new RSS feed to the Infinite Thinking Machine, a Google-sponsored blog written for teachers by teachers. We look forward to seeing you there.