It's been more than a year since my dMarc Broadcasting colleagues and I joined Google. We've been taking incremental steps toward our long term vision of bringing simplicity, efficiency, and accountability to the buying and selling of radio advertising. To do this, we've fully integrated dMarc technology into Google AdWords, and we've partnered with hundreds of radio stations across the U.S., connecting these broadcasters to new advertisers who in many cases had previously not advertised on radio.

Today's announcement of a strategic multi-year agreement with Clear Channel Radio, the largest radio station group owner in the U.S, is an important milestone for us. This new relationship with the leading U.S. radio group gives our advertisers access to guaranteed inventory on top-rated AM and FM stations all over the U.S., making it much easier for them to reach their target customers with radio ads. Since radio advertising is new for Google, we're excited to be able to learn from and collaborate with the market leader and ultimately bring more value to radio.