As some of you may remember, last June at the Googleplex we held a Geo Developer Day alongside the Where 2.0 conference. We invited a bunch of developers from Where 2.0 to come to campus and meet the Google Maps and Earth teams. Everyone at Google had a great time interacting with the more than 200 developers who came, and we knew we wanted to do something like it again.

When we started thinking about plans for this year, two things came to mind. First, we’ve released a number of new developer products over the past 12 months which we’re excited to talk more about, including the Google Web Toolkit, the Google data APIs, the AJAX Search API, and Google Gadgets. Second, as much as we love the Googleplex, we realize that not everyone can travel to Mountain View to hang out with us.

Put those two considerations together and what you have is this year’s Google Developer Day. Many developer products, 10 countries, one day: May 31st.

The day itself will vary in format from location to location, but the goal is the same: bring Google’s developer community closer together, share our knowledge, and of course have fun in the process. We’ll be posting more details on the sessions as we finalize them, but in the meantime, here are just a few of the Googlers we have lined up across the globe:

  • Guido Van Rossum, Google software engineer and creator of the Python programming language (Beijing);
  • Chris DiBona, Google open source programs manager (London);
  • Mark Stahl, Google data APIs tech lead (Madrid);
  • Bruce Johnson and Joel Webber, co-creators of the Google Web Toolkit™ (Mountain View);
  • Bret Taylor, group product manager for Google developer products (Mountain View);
  • Lars Rasmussen, Google Maps™ senior engineer (Sydney); and
  • Greg Stein, Google engineering manager and chairman of the Apache Software Foundation (Tokyo).
We’re excited to be inviting everyone. To find out more, and to let us know if you can make it, please visit the Google Developer Day site.