Though the first votes won't be cast in the presidential election for another eight months, the 2008 campaign is already in full swing. There are lots of important issues at stake in this election, including a host of thorny policy issues surrounding the Internet and the continued growth of the U.S. technology industry. Since all of us -- consumers, businesses, and political leaders -- will have to address those issues in the coming years, we've invited all the presidential candidates to come visit our headquarters in California and share their ideas in town hall-style meetings with our employees.

In February we were honored to host Sen. Hillary Clinton on campus for the first candidate visit, and last Friday we welcomed Sen. John McCain as our second visitor. We're flattered that the other candidates have responded positively to our invitations, and we're working to schedule their visits over the next few months.

Just as the Internet poses interesting policy questions, it also helps empower citizens with more information. So, to help potential voters learn more about the candidates and their views on the issues, we've posted the complete, unedited videos of these candidate talks on YouTube. Take some time to check out Sen. Clinton's talk and Sen. McCain's (as well as a special interview that Sen. McCain did with YouTube's CitizenTube).