Rajat Mukherjee, Group Product Manager

What happens when you put together a popular blogging platform, a customizable search experience and a flexible search API? You get a Search Box widget for Blogger, built using the AJAX Search API, and powered by a Linked Custom Search Engine (CSE).

Configure this widget on your Blogger blog and you can immediately search not just your blog posts, but across all the link lists/blogrolls you've set up on your blog and the links you've made from your posts.

The widget is now available on Blogger in Draft, Blogger's experimental site. Once you've logged in and configured the widget, visitors to your blog will see a search box there. The search experience inherits your blog's look and feel, and is uniquely flavored around pages you've linked to from your blog.

To add the widget:
  1. Edit your blog's layout.
  2. Click on "Add a page element" and configure the "Search Box" widget.
Your link lists will automatically show up as optional tabs for your search; you can decide which ones you want to configure. Go ahead -- custom-search-enable your blog!

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