In addition to constantly improving our search algorithms to provide the best answer to your queries, we also look for ways to help when you don't know what exactly to type into the search box to get to the perfect result. When you are looking for information on a specific topic, we offer query suggestions on the search results page that you can click on to find information faster. Sometimes, the suggestions enable you to quickly narrow down the search. Sometimes, we present interesting related concepts that encourage you to explore further.

You won't see these suggestions all the time; we only present them when we think they are relevant and useful.

We launched search suggestions in a set of countries a while ago, and even wrote about them in Australia, Brazil and Mexico. Now, we've expanded our coverage to a much larger set of languages. Now, when you're searching on Google you're likely to see suggestions in your local language.

For help with local travel, Hungarians can get some great suggestions on Budapest, Slovaks may want to go to Bratislava, and Romanians can find helpful information on bucuresti. In Thailand, you're probably interested in relaxing on a beach in Phuket. If you are in Vietnam, you might search the popular tourist destinations Nha Trang or Hoi An.

If you are in soccer-crazed (read, football crazed) Europe, you can look up your favorite football topics on Google. Check out how your local Moscow футбол team, спартак is doing. Turkish fans can also search local stars from galatasaray or beşiktaş.

Looking for a local entertainment update? Look up your favorite singers שלמה ארצי in Israel, and Ibrahim Tatlises in Turkey. Russians, you could be interested in the popular Russian TV series Кадетство.

Query suggestions are now available in about 40 languages worldwide. If you don't see them in your country, we're working on getting them to you soon.

When you don't know quite what you're looking for, let us help you with suggestions.