During 2007, we introduced 40 significant improvements to Google Apps, which is our suite of communication, collaboration, and security apps for businesses, schools, and organizations. Feedback from many of you, and even our own employees, inspired these changes. And there are many more in store -- the count this year is already up to 11.

Since we introduced Google Apps a little more than a year ago, many of these features have been of particular benefit to businesses, like tools to migrate mail from an old email system to Google Apps; integration of Postini's security and compliance services; support for IMAP in Gmail; syncing tools for Google Calendar; support for dozens of new languages; new mobile access options; and just weeks ago, Google Sites.

We're able to release these sorts of things quickly because all of our apps live "in the cloud." That means updates are continuous: you get improvements without having to wait for new versions, as you do with traditional software. Of course, it may also mean that IT administrators get a little dizzy from the pace of these changes.

The latest improvement will help technology departments and those of you who already use Google Apps keep up with every change, no matter how often they appear: Now we're documenting all updates in an RSS feed, so you can get notified as they happen.

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If there's something you'd like to see in Google Apps, let us know. Feedback like yours shapes its future development.