... for fans of college basketball, that is. We're only days away from March Madness, and the question is: who's going dancing? Will a Cinderella team pull the upset or will we see a number one seed team as the champion again? These questions and more will be answered over the next few weeks as we watch one of the greatest tournaments in American sports unfold.

I'd like to invite you to join the madness of this year's NCAA tournament. Some of our engineer-sports fans and I have developed the Basketball Bracket Battle gadget for iGoogle to help you track your picks as the tournament progresses. Use it to compete against your friends and coworkers in a pool, or compete with other Bracket Battle gadget users. You'll be able to make your picks and track your progress without ever leaving your homepage.

You can pick your bracket and invite friends to your pool starting on Selection Sunday (March 16th), but feel free to add the gadget to your page anytime starting today. And the madness officially begins on March 20th, so make sure you're all set by then. Come join us for the battle and add the Basketball Bracket Battle to your iGoogle.

We'll see you at the dance!