Search is never far from our minds -- not just on Google, but also for the millions of websites that don't yet have high-quality search. And since we've already built powerful search technologies into our computing infrastructure, site owners don't have to build it themselves. It's an aspect of something you might have heard about recently: "cloud computing".

Our ability to work in the cloud is one reason we've just announced Google Site Search with enhanced index coverage. Previously known as Custom Search Business Edition, this service gives any website the same relevance, ease of use and familiar search experience you get on It takes just minutes to set up, and is hosted entirely by Google, so site owners can have great search capabilities with little or no maintenance and technical resources needed. We've also added enhanced index coverage and customization features that help us crawl and index all content (even pages deep within a site) -- and as a result, we can deliver comprehensive search results on any website.

It's not only webmasters who can take advantage of these features; so can site owners who want to maximize e-commerce opportunities and increase their conversions when they deliver a high-quality search experience to site visitors. Read more on the Google Enterprise blog to learn how you can offer better search on your site.

To see Google Site Search in action, watch this video featuring eHealthInsurance: