Since Google SketchUp first popped up on the scene in 2006, we've had the pleasure of seeing many of you use it to build 3D models of all kinds of things -- from college campuses to furniture to gingerbread houses. Now, we're happy to announce a new challenge -- the SketchUp 2009 International Student Bridge Modeling Competition. Bridges are some of the most breathtaking architectural structures in the world, and we're sure you have an impressive model of a local, famous or historical bridge right up your sleeve. Students at higher education institutions are qualified to compete, and it's easy to enter. Just model your bridge in Google SketchUp, geo-reference it in Google Earth, and upload your submission to the Google 3D Warehouse anytime before June 15.

For more information, check out the Google SketchUp blog. We're excited to see what you come up with!