Employees at big companies often have mountains of information available to do their jobs — information that lives (and hides!) in various areas within the organization. The information can lie buried deep within an enterprise content management system or a company intranet. Unlike the Internet, however, this info isn't necessarily well organized — there isn't always a searchable index to sift through and get good results. Lots of companies want to make searching their intranet more like searching the Internet — bringing Google.com-type search to their internal information stores.

Mercer, the global professional services company, has been dealing with this issue for a while. Their intranet, Mercer Link, has more than 350,000 webpages, and over 1.5 million docs in a content management system— lots of information for employees to search through as they work on projects for clients. They're now using the Google Search Appliance to give employees a more searchable intranet experience, so the docs and pages that were hidden or hard to find are now easier to track down fast. Mercer's enterprise search architect Haroon Suleman, along with AMR Research's Jim Murphy, will be sharing the company's search story in a special webinar aimed at enterprises, "Search: A Vital Element to a Content Strategy," this Thursday, October 8 at 11 a.m. PDT. You can register and learn more about the conversation here — hope you can join.