Over the last six months, the Google Apps Marketplace has offered a variety of third party applications to extend Google Apps functionality and make businesses more efficient. Now, more than 4 million Google Apps users have installed applications from our storefront, which is packed with a quickly-growing set of more than 200 apps, including the 12 new apps we’re introducing today.

As the Marketplace grows, Google Apps users can access integrated apps that address more and more new areas, like marketing, accounting and project management. They can fluidly navigate between native Google Apps and third party solutions through our universal navigation bar at the top of Gmail, Docs and other Google apps. And Marketplace integrations give users a range of features, from having relevant customer data from a customer relationship management application populate in-line within an email to auto-syncing due dates between a project management application and Google Calendar.

We strive to bring solutions that address every one of a business’s unique needs. In that spirit, we welcome a few “firsts” among today’s 12 new apps:
  • Elance - a talent acquisition and management tool
  • Grockit - the first education app in the Marketplace for students
  • ERPLY - a specialized enterprise resource planning tool to manage retail points of sale.
Find out more about this App Tuesday launch on the Google Enterprise Blog, or by visiting the Apps Marketplace directly.