Millions of students will leave college this year with more than just a diploma. There’s a good chance that the graduating class of 2011 will also be experts in another field: Google Apps for Education.

If you attended a university that’s “gone Google” or just sought out Google products on your own, you’ve learned how to use Apps to collaborate and communicate with your professors and peers. Perhaps you’ve used Gmail to power through email efficiently, Docs to revise group projects without the hassle of attachments, Calendar to keep up with extracurriculars, forms to quickly collect and analyze data or Sites to organize resources around your projects. Using these tools has equipped you with valuable expertise for life after college—just like the finance skills you learned in your major or the Spanish language abilities you picked up while studying abroad.

With this in mind, we’ve created the Google Guides program to help you take your Google Apps expertise to your future job. When you become a Google Guide, we’ll equip you with resources to introduce and implement Apps in your workplace. You’ll make an immediate impact by saving your company money and facilitating collaboration among coworkers. Once your company is up and running with Google Apps, you’ll get to continue using all the Apps tools you learned and loved in college—not to mention be known as your company’s in-house Google expert.

If you’re not sure where you’ll be picking up your paycheck yet, don’t fret. The Google Guides program also provides tips and tools for your job search, including resume templates.

You can sign up as a Google Guide at and read our FAQ for more details. And for those of you not graduating this year, you can always get information specifically for students on the Official Student Blog.