With Google I/O 2011 just two days behind us, we wanted to thank the nearly 1 million developers who joined us at Moscone Center, attended I/O Extended events and watched online via I/O Live from 161 countries around the world.

The keynote presentations highlighted the momentum and vision for two of our most important developer platforms: Android and Chrome.

On the topic of Android, Hugo Barra, director of Android Product Management, opened Day 1 of the conference with the themes of “Momentum, Mobile and More,” announcing Movies in Android Market, Music Beta by Google, Android @ Home, Android Open Accessory and a preview of the new Ice Cream Sandwich logo. Read the blog post summary or watch the keynote in its entirety below.

The Day 2 keynote was all about Chrome, which has grown to 160 million active users, up from 70 million last year. Sundar Pichai, senior vice president of Chrome, discussed the launch of the HTML5 version of Angry Birds built with GWT on App Engine, Chromebooks for consumers and businesses and in-app payments. If you missed it, watch the Chrome keynote below.

These launches are just a few of the more than 30 announcements we made over the two days, including the launch of Google App Engine 1.5, a updated Google Prediction API, new additions to the Fusion Tables API and many more. For more information about these and the other news coming out of the event, visit the Google I/O label on the Google Code Blog.

Additionally, in case you missed any of these announcements, HD recordings of the sessions are now available online.

Find the highlights from this year’s event at www.google.com/io, where we’ll feature photos, announcements and the latest videos. Also stay tuned for a feature on “Backstage at Google I/O” where we’ll highlight the developers and artists who helped to make the event possible this year.

Google I/O kicked off the year as our biggest developer event—but we’re only getting started. As of today, we’re announcing locations for our eight Google Developer Days (GDDs), which will take place all over the world with more than a few DevFests in between. Stay tuned for more info on the 2011 event details, but we’ll look forward to seeing you in Brazil, Argentina, Prague, Moscow, Tokyo, Sydney, Israel and Germany for our Google Developer team world tour.