When I first started at Google, my main job was to lie in the courtyard and wait for the UPS man. My dad and I were pretty much the only ones who showed up before 11AM, so we became the de facto receptionists for a while. I'm always very nice to visitors.

When we moved to Mountain View in the summer of 1999, I switched to full-time. I interviewed a lot of people, but no dogs. Fewer of them were online back then, though of course it's hard to tell sometimes. Eventually, I returned to part-time consulting and spent a lot of time watching ducks in a pond near our office. Fascinating, but ultimately unfulfilling.

Now my office is on the third floor. I take the elevator these days, since I injured my right leg last year. There are more dogs at Google now, but many of them are very small, like King Charles Spaniels. And Yorkies. When dad parks me outside the Google cafe, I love getting attention from all the passers-by. They even know my name! And there's barbecue on the patio every day during the summer. Life is good.

Yoshka, Google's Top Dog