If a picture is worth a thousand words, then Google Image Search is now worth 1 trillion, 187 billion, 63 million words. Yes, that's right, math majors; we've updated our image index, and now offer users precisely 1.18763 billion newly updated images of purple flowers, Lamborghinis and whatever else you care to look at.

In fact, we're so excited about the quality and comprehensiveness of our updated image index, we've even begun sprinkling a few images into the regular Google.com search results for certain search terms. If you do a Google web search for, say, sunsets, Mount St. Helens, or other queries for which our algorithms think pictures might be relevant results, you may see a few pictures at the top of your search results page, along with a link to complete image search results for that query.

You can try out our new image index by clicking the "Images" link on Google.com, or by going directly to the Google Image Search page. Go ahead and feast your eyes.

Radhika Malpani
Tech Lead