Until I was ten, I thought the Super Bowl was a contest between two teams of beer bottles. They would scuttle up and down the field, their glass necks miraculously unscathed despite the fact that each bottle wore no padding or protection (except for a tiny helmet). The game was always exciting, with one side hoisting the Bud Bowl trophy in the final moments of that last commercial break.

Even after I realized who was really playing the game (it's hard being a Vikings fan), I still tuned in for the commercials. What's more interesting: a 3-hour game or 30 seconds of Jessica Simpson arguing with Miss Piggy? I think we all know the answer to that one! After all, we live in an era in which a company will pay $2 million so the world can watch a sock puppet.

Which is why I'm excited that this year everyone can see the Super Bowl commercials on Google Video. Finally, a way to enjoy the ads without having to fast-forward TiVo through the game.

UPDATE: We've added a few more (2/7).