From time to time, our resident physician at Google headquarters weighs in with her thoughts on healthy living. (You can find more on her personal blog.) Please note that she is not dispensing medical advice; you should check with your own doctor before pursuing any particular course of action.

Attention workaholics: I would like to remind you that your medical needs should take precedence over your work duties. We are in the midst of the flu season and I see people with fevers of 102 degrees dragging themselves in to work. Recently I've found myself practically escorting sick employees out to make sure that they go home as advised.

This phenomenon of presentee-ism is not unique to Google, of course. But wherever you work, while your dedication to your work is admirable and appreciated, when you're sick it is harmful to you, to your colleagues, and to your company's bottom line. So please take care of yourselves. Work from home if you must, but don't come in -- or I will have to hire some bouncers to keep you out!