You might say that innovation is in Google's DNA, and we on the People Operations team strive to keep up with the high standards set by our technical colleagues -- we're always looking for new ideas. So last week, we rounded up some of the most creative and successful people in human resources (HR) for an evening of brainstorming.

Our panelists were leaders from Adobe, Cisco, Genentech, Intuit, Network Appliance, and Yahoo! -- the Bay Area companies featured in Fortune Magazine's list of the 100 Best Companies To Work For. In the audience were hundreds of HR professionals representing more than 100 companies. The group touched on everything from performance management to diversity to corporate culture.

Before the last appetizer was consumed, people were asking, "When can we all get together again?" We're starting to plan the next event, but to expand the conversation, we've started a Google Group for HR professionals for those who want to seek kindred spirits to explore new topics. If you're interested, you can sign up for the SF Bay Area group or the US group.