Last week at the annual meeting of our Online Sales and Operations (OSO) organization, a group of us (1,211 Googlers from around the world, to be exact) made an attempt to set a new Guinness World Record for the "largest cake decorating lesson." This isn't the first time we've taken our culinary talents to great heights, but it is the first time we've attempted to bake our way to a new record.

The event brought our teams together, united around something we all love: good food. We decorated a total of 171 cakes, using 800 pounds of butter cream and 500 pounds of fondant along the way. In addition to this fun foray into the sugar arts, the two-day conference featured a keynote speech by Al Gore, workshops with faculty from the Harvard Business School, and several panels on industry trends, including one on bloggers moderated by Kara Swisher.

Check out this video of the day:

We'll report back if (and hopefully when) we hear the news from Guinness.